Some recommended webpages
healing, shamanism, ideas whose time has come

Gyrus T's Dreamflesh: http://dreamflesh.com/

Donal Ruane's Head Over Heels:  http://headoverheels.org.uk/

http://www.mesotheliomasymptoms.com provides detailed information on mesothelioma and the ways various treatments can improve the lives of patients.

http://www.mesotheliomalawyercenter.org/   - this centre offers comprehensive asbestos and mesothelioma information, but with an emphasis on the legal options available to asbestos victims and their families.

magic(k) etc

Arcanorium - the premier teaching site for chaoist magic and philosophy    http://www.arcanoriumcollege.com/

Peter J. Carroll's website on magic and rebel physics: http://www.specularium.org/

The IOT chaos magic organization:  http://www.iotbritishisles.org/   This is a link to the British Isles section, which will lead on to all the other world sections.

Mandrake of Oxford:  http://www.mandrake.uk.net
New Falcon Press

Mee Music www.ilovestrings.com
Ian Read's Fire + Ice
For breathwork links, see Breathwork Resources