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Lyrics by Dave Lee to Greyhead on 'Birdking' by Fire + Ice.
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WASUME (pronounced wa-soo-may) consists of four people who sing magic.
For thousands of years people have sung themselves into ecstatic states in order to experience the world in special ways. WASUME's singing styles and techniques are developed from ancient European forms that survive today: Gaelic psalm-singing, the beat frequencies captured by drifting microtones, the eerie harmonics of the Sardinian ‘Quintina’.

Our speciality is galdor, the singing of runes, the magical alphabets of the Northern peoples. WASUME sing these spells using cascading harmonies derived from the ‘waterfall singing’ of Gaelic psalms, the last surviving example of a singing style believed to have been heard all over Europe centuries ago.

The galdors WASUME sing are built up from galdors of individual runes. First the individual runes are sung, then the bind-rune, the ‘word’ formed from the runes. The leader introduces the galdor and the other singers follow, using the same notes and sometimes harmonies or microtones around them.  
The galdor-song available for free download below is WUALF, a formula (authored by Peter Mastin) to transmit higher consciousness, health, wealth and good fortune.

WASUME members:
Katie Owens

George Rogers

Judy Lamb

Dave Lee
download WUALF.mp3